Tuesday, June 9, 2009


If there is any park that can rival Holiday World in universal Enthusiast acclaim, it is Knoebels. Located in rural Pennsylvania, Knoebels has been thrilling park goers for over 75 years. It is truly a gem of a park.

At a glance, Knoebels possesses all the necessary aspects to be a favorite among Enthusiasts:

It is family owned.
It has a vintage woodie with loads of air time.
It has classic carousels.
It has no admission fee.
It has free parking.
It has Flyers.

Knoebels can't go wrong! Again, a visit to Knoebels is the equivalent of the Hajj.

If you find yourself in a conversation with an Enthusiast, don't ever ask him how a park without a "bunch of metal loopy coasters" can be any good. You will be met with a glare of disgust and possibly rejected by the community. But if you need to redeem yourself, just ask him about snapping the Knoebels Flyers. Hopefully he will forget your ignorant comment and think of more happy things.

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