Friday, June 5, 2009

Holiday World

No other park receives universal Enthusiast acclaim like Holiday World. They can't get enough of it! If you perchance to overhear enthusiasts raving over Holiday World, you're sure to hear them mention free drinks, free sunscreen, excellent affordable food, the Koch family, and three of the best woodies in the USA. And they love the water park. Somehow, despite having only 3 "adult" coasters and a few flats, Holiday World is their favorite park.

If you want to reach the upper echelons of the Enthusiast community, make the annual Hajj to Holiwood Nights coaster convention. While maybe not their biggest, it is their most important social event of the year. It is similar to African wedding bazaars, as many Enthusiasts find mates, hook up, or even get married!

If you find yourself in a conversation with an Enthusiast about Holiday World, do not ever mention that the park is low on flat rides, can be enjoyed in less than two hours, or that Raven is over-rated. This will insight a long rant about "quality over quantity" and "family parks over corporates," and you don't have time for this. Plus, you may be rejected by the Enthusiast community.

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