Friday, June 5, 2009

Stuff Coaster Enthusiasts Like

Taking my inspiration from Stuff White People Like and a queue from Overbanked on the URC, I have started my own version here. These posts are filled with satire and sarcasm that pokes fun at all the crazy obsessions we put into this hobby that we LOVE!

So take a breath and laugh at yourself. These ideas come from my own experiences, those of friends, and those of other enthusiasts I know only on the web. So, yes, I am making fun of myself, and you, and I hope you see yourself in my posts. Not every stereotype will pertain to you, but I hope you will find it enjoyable.

The posts are directed toward the non-enthusiast. Read these, and you will be able fully assimilate into the enthusiast community. We're all pretty predictable, and in no time you can move into our exclusive ranks.

We must all learn not to take ourselves too seriously, especially as we obsess over something as nerdy, siginificant, wonderful, and fun in our lives as roller coaster.


- Pat-O

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